Policy Papers

A comprehensive database of policy for researchers, policy makers and community advocates. As well as food initiatives in the Far North that can also be found on the Northern Food Initiatives Map.

Arctic Institute for Community Based ResearchMapping Yukon Climate Change & Northern Food Systems Assets (2019)
Arctic Health Research Network – YukonFood Security in Times of Change (2009)
Food Banks Canada2021 Federal Policy Recommendations (2021)
What Will it Take to Make Real Progress on Northern Food Security (2016)
Food Secure Canada
Policy Landscape for Northern and Remote Indigenous Food Sovereignty (2017)
Policy Responses to Food Insecurity in Canada (2017)
Supporting New Farmers through Agricultural Policy (2017)
Canadian Policy Instruments in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture (2017) Canadian Policy Interventions Supporting Healthy Eating in Schools (2017)
Canadian Policy Landscape for Local, Sustainable Food Systems (2017)
Cultivating Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Food Systems in the North: A Review and Recommendations (2019)
Indigenous Food Sovereignty Discussion Paper (2017) 
Canada’s Public Policy Forum Toward Food Security in Canada’s North: Summary Report (2015)
Carleton UniversityThe Community Food Security Hub (2022)
Council of Canadian AcademicsAboriginal Food Security in Northern Canada: As Assessment of the State of Knowledge (2014)
Health Canada Measuring the Food Environment in Canada (2013) 
Human Rights WatchThe Climate Crisis and First Nations Right to Food In Canada (2020)
The Gordon FoundationRecommendations on Country/Traditional Food from the Northern Policy Hackathon (2017)
The Government of Canada — Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Food Policy In Canada (2021)
Food Policy for Canada (2019)
Food Policy Services and Information (2022)
The Government of Canada — Canadian Institutes of Health Research
The Government of Canada — Canadian Northern Economic Development AgencyNorthern Innovation Food Challenge (2021)
The Government of Canada — Nutrition NorthNutrition North (2021)
The Government of Nunatsiavut The Inuit Nunangat Food Security Strategy (2021)
The Government of NunavutThe Nunavut Food Security Strategy and Action Plan 2014-16
Inuit Circumpolar CouncilFood Security across the Arctic (2012)
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami Inuit Nunangat Food Security Strategy (2021)
2016-2019 Strategy and Action Plan
Inuit Perspectives on a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy (2018)
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
and the Inuit Food Security Working Group
An Inuit-Specific Approach for the Canadian Food Policy (2017) Inuit Statistical Profile (2018)
Manitoba Food CharterProvincial Approaches to Food Security 
McConnel, Nourish and Food Secure CanadaNourishing the Future of Food in Health Care: A Pan-Canadian Policy Scan (2018)
National Indigenous Economic Development Board Northern Sustainable Food Systems Recommendations Report (2019)
Northern HealthFood Security (2022)
Northern Policy Institute Food for Thought: Access to Food in Canada’s Remote North (2016)
Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services Public Health – Food Security 
Parliament of CanadaFood Insecurity in Northern Canada: An Overview (2020)
Food Security in Northern Communities: Report and Government Response (2021)
PROOF Food Security Policy ResearchHousehold Food Insecurity in Canada (2022)
The Public Policy Forum Toward Food Security in Canada’s North: Summary Report (2015)
York University Food Policy for Canada
University of the ArcticThematic Network on Food Security (2022)
University of Calgary The School of Public PolicyCanada’s Food Security During the COVID-19 Pandemic – The Simpson Centre for Agricultural and Food Innovation and Public Education (2020) 
Qikiqtani Inuit Association Policies (2022)
Food Sovereignty and Harvesting (2019)