The Social Planning Council of Sudbury serves as an independent, non-profit organization and registered charity that strives to strengthen communities through essential community and social development initiatives. Adopting a holistic approach to community development and research, the Social Planning Council of Sudbury brings people together to facilitate planning that leads to positive social change and community action. We believe that the planning process strengthens the recognition that all individuals are valuable and must be treated with equal dignity and respect.

The Social Planning Council of Sudbury works in partnership with various sectors of society: individuals, community agencies, government, businesses, and institutional sectors to improve the quality of life for all residents in the region. We encourage active participation from all members of the community to empower and foster personal growth and self-reliance for both individuals and community groups. Enhancing services and support to the community by strengthening partnerships among the voluntary, private and public sectors.

The Social Planning Council of Sudbury is committed to working with community partners to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Primary Goal
The primary goal of the Social Planning Council of Sudbury is to bring people together to facilitate a planning process that leads to positive change and community action. This goal is accomplished through the channels of effective social planning, including Planning, Research and Co-ordination, Social Policy Advocacy, and Community Development and Education.