"Thank you so very much for presenting at this week’s DAC meeting in Toronto.  I have received many positive comments about your excellent presentation.  In particular, some of the newer DACs found it extremely useful to be made aware of the possibilities around EDI reporting.  I especially appreciate that you were able to do this on such short notice."
Judy Cerny, Senior Statistical/Research Analyst Early Years Outcomes and Assessments Unit
"Way to go Tammy! You did a great job presenting at the DAC meeting in Toronto"
Gordon MacKenzie, Data Analysis Coordinator at Brass Bell Family Resource Centre
“Through an environmental scan the SPC provided us with the data we required to move forward with our strategic planning.  Their methodology was comprehensive and their approach was professional and thoughtful. We would highly recommend using the SPC for your research and social development needs.”
Richard Rainville, Executive Director Reseau ACCESS
“The Social Planning Council provided significant support to the development of the Best Start Network’s strategic plan.  Their use of the Results Based Accountability model helped us focus on the things we could do together and ways to measure them.  The plan has provided clear guidance to our work and is enabling our community in providing comprehensive services and supports to children and their families.”
Laura Whalen, Co-ordinator Greater Sudbury Best Start Network
“The SPCS has provided strong leadership and facilitation of the many community partners who are concerned about poverty.  They have stayed connected with provincial initiatives and have brought those connections to us.  The Community Strategy to Eradicate Poverty in Greater Sudbury – Update 2012 has provided a road map that was built through community consensus and provides the framework for all of us in order to contribute.  The SDHU appreciates its partnership with the SPCS and values their contribution to our community.”
Dr. Penny Sutcliff  Medical Officer of Health Sudbury District Health Unit
“ The overall engagement process used by the project team was successful in bringing players around the table.  The network mapping was very useful in helping us see where we had connections and where we had to reach out to bring others in.  The Social Planning Council was very effective in supporting us as we developed and launched the Cochrane and District Social Planning Council.”
David Landers  Chief Administrative Officer, Cochrane District Social Service Administrtion Board
“the Social Planning Council of Sudbury worked in an effective, culturally appropriate way with our team and provided a solid foundation for our Employment and Training strategy”
Hazel Recollet, United Chiefs and Councils of Mnidoo Mnising
“The Social Planning Council provided innovative and creative services in assisting us in gathering the data for our Housing and Homelessness Plan.  Their expertise in research, community engagement and data presentation ensured that our plan was comprehensive and that it will guide us over the next 10 years in our response to housing needs in the Manitoulin/Sudbury District.”
Donna Morosso Director of Integrated Social Services/ Directrice des services sociaux intégrés
“The Social Planning Council really stepped up and lead a comprehensive complex research project in a short period of time.  The Community Action Research – Community Integration Leadership project provided us with valuable learnings on many fronts – the use of IT by families, the use of services in our area, the levels of integration.  This work has provided a solid foundation for the Networks to move forward and we are very pleased with the quality of the work and the commitment of the SPCS to working with us on this project.”
Sherry Fournier, Chair of the GS Best Start Network & Ray Hannah, Chair of MS Best Start Network