The SPCS provides expertise in qualitative and quantitative social research that will provide your project with the solid foundation it requires for moving forward.  We have built the capacity to engage a broad and diverse constituency and have worked in partnership with many research organizations.  

Our researchers use a range of qualitative and quantitative methodological applications for the purpose of bringing understanding and finding solutions to complex social issues.  Tools used in the research process include; literature / best practice reviews, surveys, needs assessments, environmental scans, questionnaires, focus groups, statistical analysis and interviews.

CARCIL was a large social research project that involved both the Best Start Networks in Greater Sudbury and the Manitoulin Sudbury District.  It involved a robust data collection model that included survey’s, interviews, focus groups and allowed for experimenting in community engagement practices using technology.  A great deal was learned about delivering information and services to children and families and is providing a foundation for service delivery improvements.

“The Social Planning Council really stepped up and lead a comprehensive complex research project in a short period of time.  The Community Action Research – Community Integration Leadership project provided us with valuable learnings on many fronts – the use of IT by families, the use of services in our area, the levels of integration.  This work has provided a solid foundation for the Networks to move forward and we are very pleased with the quality of the work and the commitment of the SPCS to working with us on this project.”
Sherry Fournier, Chair of the GS Best Start Network & Ray Hannah, Chair of MS Best Start Network