RBA is a planning and evaluation tool rolled into one. SPC staff have the unique capacity to take your project through an integrative process that identifies the results you want to see, facilitates the brainstorming around achieving these results, determines who you need (partners) to work toward these results and how you will measure them.

Collective Impact and RBA are a perfect fit. The idea of working together to produce community “impact” is at the heart of both bodies of work. RBA produces a well-defined strategic plan through a common agenda, a shared measurement system, mutually reinforcing activities and continuous communication. With the support of a backbone organization to facilitate the process, manage measurement systems, publish reports, and keep track of plans and action commitments, we can get things moving in the right direction.

The Best Start Network in Greater Sudbury used RBA as the process to determine how services would be delivered to children and their families focusing on a broad set of outcomes that were agreed to by a network of all of the players involved.  The strategic plan guides the actions of multiple players and provides feedback on how those actions are contributing to better outcomes.

“The Social Planning Council provided significant support to the development of the Best Start Network’s strategic plan.  Their use of the Results Based Accountability model helped us focus on the things we could do together and ways to measure them.  The plan has provided clear guidance to our work and is enabling our community in providing comprehensive services and supports to children and their families.”
Laura Whalen, Co-ordinator Greater Sudbury Best Start Network