Matthew Judd


Born in bustling Mississauga, Ontario, Matthew moved to a quiet rural community an hour south of Ottawa; where he completed his secondary school education. He pursued his passion of geography with a Geomatics undergraduate degree at Carleton University; graduating with Honours in 2014. Matthew has been employed in many different job sectors in his short professional career. Prior to his move to Sudbury he was employed by both Natural Resources Canada (2011) and Statistics Canada (2013) as a GIS summer intern. While with Natural Resources Canada, Matthew performed the duties of a GIS Analyst which involved building and maintaining a large geodatabase, geo-referencing and digitizing geological features in Canada’s northern Territories and helping to design an online web-map. Matthew was an Ecosystem Services Research Assistant during his time at Statistics Canada. Some of the tasks Matthew undertook during his tenure there include; creating tabular statistics for divisional reports using ArcMap 10, using cartographic design skills to design map layouts, and Projecting, Merging, Clipping, Buffering, Projecting, and Editing massive national scale GIS files. In order to further his GIS experience Matthew volunteered with the Canadian Hydrographic Service from 2012 to 2013. Outside of the mapping and data streams he has significant experience in customer service, the construction industry and the restaurant business. In each of those opportunities Matthew learned the importance of hard-work, communication and valuing and respecting people above all else.

Recent Projects:

Most recently Matthew was part of an intimate research team which attempted to create a community profile of the youth lives (aged 12-25) in Sudbury. This community profile attempted to evaluate major indicators in the lives of youth. Including but not limited to, Health & Wellness, Families & Friends, Education & Training and Civic Engagement. This study was presented to the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) and is currently under review as part of a possible long-term Sudbury youth evaluation. Matthew is currently working on streamlining SPCS’ GIS database. Matthew is eagerly anticipating more data/GIS tasks in the near future.