Inga Kaletka


Inga has multi-disciplinary experience in a range of community development and non-profit initiatives, in Canada and abroad. Inga’s work has ranged from coordinating support programs for impoverished communities to the development and implementation of Social Network Analysis (SNA) tools.

Past Projects:

She worked closely with the project lead on the Northern Community Legal Clinics in 2012-2013 feasibility study and the Southwest Community Clinics exploration of collaborative delivery models, conducting surveys and applying Social Network Analysis mapping to inform the overall project outcomes.

Formation of Multi-sectoral Cochrane District Social Planning Council. Inga worked as part of a team to develop the social development capacity for the Cochrane District. Applying qualitative research methods and designing and developing a multi-sectoral SNA study and producing maps which were used to engage and guide stakeholders through the planning process.

Marginalized Communities. As a poverty reduction coordinator at the Social Planning Council of Sudbury, Inga was involved in a number initiatives and projects whose aim was to address issues facing people living in poverty. She led the local initiative, in partnership with three other communities, to develop a practice model for Engaging Marginalized Communities in Better Health Outcomes. Inga engaged and supported people experiencing marginalization in civic planning such as a municipally led Health Impact Assessment and the Social Assistance Review.

Inga graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts, double major degree in Political Science and Development & International Studies. Inga’s interests and motivations for understanding the way society functions began early as a youngster having resided in five different countries. She uses innovative thinking and has a deep appreciation for arts/culture and the environment. Her interests have led her to seek out employment in diverse areas including working with a group organizing an international arts/cultures festival, a marketing position at local artists’ cooperative, teaching literacy to adults as well as teaching young children in a small school in Mexico. She has studied German in Vienna and completed an Arboriculture program at Sir Sandford Fleming College.