Giulia Carpenter


Giulia Carpenter has over 10 years’ experience both within the private and non-profit sectors in various settings, managing a variety of groups of people within various industries.

Giulia chose to work within the non-profit sector to make a difference in people’s lives.  She wanted to be able to provide a better life for the future generations in our community.  Giulia’s love for managing a team of people and watching a business grow comes from witnessing people succeed and seeing how it impacts them as well as others.  Giulia has a passion for Design, and wanting to build on her Design Diploma with business knowledge she returned to school and obtained an Advertising Diploma. Upon graduating she began to apply her enhanced skills immediately within the non-profit sector and that passion continues to grow at the Social Planning Council.

In the past Giulia has managed and worked with a variety of groups to help raise money and awareness. The sectors are as follows:

Over a 10 year period, Giulia worked with a committee to organize 2 yearly events, one in health and the other in arts and culture and in doing so helped the organization raise sales by efficiently managing a team of 15-20 people and ensuring all tasks were completed in a timely manner. The first event attracted over 2,000 people within one day and the second saw 250,000 people attend over the span of a weekend.

Part of Giulia’s responsibilities included facilitating a smooth interaction with the media by co-ordinating all contacts, activities and schedules. Additionally, she oversaw the efficient delivery of merchandise contributing a 20% increase in sales.

For Profit
For 5 years, Giulia managed a large portfolio of global clients (ie. Australia, US, Romania etc.) ranging from a variety of industries. She worked on over 30 projects at a time making sure all marketing needs were addressed and completed within tight deadlines.

At the Social Planning Council Giulia has been hired as the Senior Business Lead.  She is responsible for the implementation of the Social Enterprise Business Plan developed for the SPCS by Collins Barrow.  Giulia’s strategy includes implementing the business plan, develop the organization’s market position and achieve financial growth.  She will define long-term organizational strategic goals, build key customer relationships, identify business opportunities, negotiates and closes business deals and maintains extensive knowledge of current market conditions.

Giulia will hold all project work to high standard of practice, ensuring operations and management functions are streamlined and well-functioning, so the team can focus on meeting clients’ needs. Another important role will be the implementation of the marketing strategy, including managing social marketing tools i.e. website and Facebook, all of which will be critical marketing tools to promote their  service offer. Giulia will ensure the SPC will get as much exposure as possible, especially when participating in initiatives as a partner or facilitator. They are currently very discreet and will have to take advantage of promotional opportunities whenever possible.