Flour Mill Community Farm

The Flour Mill Community Farm is located in the City of Sudbury. It is the first urban farm in Northeastern Ontario with a focus on improving outcomes of marginalized youth through employment training, work experience and character building.

This initiative aims to break the cycle of poverty by intercepting youth at a transitional stage in life. Ecological urban agriculture is used to offer youth an opportunity to develop employable skills and healthy work ethic. Youth participate in entrepreneurial training.

By learning these skills and gaining this experience, these marginalized youth are able to put themselves in a position to create a better life for themselves.

We Need Your Help!

Please consider donating to help us continue this incredible program Here

As a non-profit organization we typically look to government grants for the majority of our money. Due to Covid-19 many of those grants are no longer available, as excess money is being put into the Covid-19 relief fund. This has led us to ask the public for their support in order to continue trying to make a difference in our community.

Meet The Staff!

(Left to Right) Johanna, Miranda, Jess, Sarah, Nathan