Facilitation is a powerful tool providing a focused and unbiased approach to planning.

The SPC’s facilitators have strong leadership and communication skills, a deep knowledge of group and interpersonal dynamics and the skills to design appropriate processes and structures to lead participants through the decisions necessary to achieve their goals.

The role of facilitation is proven in aiding successful planning in multiple areas including;

  • Group and single meeting facilitation
  • Program development
  • Network development
  • Partnership development
  • Policy development
  • Integrated services development
  • Client and community stakeholder engagement

The SPCS has been the community lead on the Poverty Reduction Strategy for over 15 years.  Starting with a plan to meet emergency needs the community has moved to understand the role that policy plays in eliminating poverty.  Keeping abreast of all of the provincial and federal opportunities the SPCS has lead the community through a series of facilitated workshops and data gathering processes over the years culminating in the current plan to Eliminate Poverty.

“The SPCS has provided strong leadership and facilitation of the many community partners who are concerned about poverty.  They have stayed connected with provincial initiatives and have brought those connections to us.  The Community Strategy to Eradicate Poverty in Greater Sudbury – Update 2012 has provided a road map that was built through community consensus and provides the framework for all of us in order to contribute.  The SDHU appreciates its partnership with the SPCS and values their contribution to our community.”
Dr. Penny Sutcliff  Medical Officer of Health Sudbury District Health Unit